Sue Yom, MD, PhD

Professor of Clinical X
Radiation Oncology

I am a radiation oncologist who specializes in the treatment of head and neck, lung, and skin cancers. I serve on national guidelines committees outlining the best practices for these cancers. I design clinical trials to improve treatment of these cancers. I give lectures and design courses to help others learn more about how to best treat these cancers. I am a journal editor and interested in publishing the best scientific research on these diseases.

Major research interests include:

Betsy Young, MD

Adjunct Instructor

Michelle Yu, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

I am a Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician-Scientist. My clinical and research specialties are in Cystic Fibrosis lung infection and inflammation. I am the Principal Investigator of a basic science laboratory, and I serve as the Associate Program director of the UCSF Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center. I attend regularly in the ICUs at Parnassus and Mount Zion and am passionate about improving medical education particularly during COVID when our learners have faced unforeseen challenges.

Julie Zikherman, MD

Professor in Residence

Our laboratory is interested in understanding how B cell behavior is regulated after encounter with either “self” or “foreign” antigens. We postulate that overlapping mechanisms are at play in both scenarios. The lab seeks to define the rules that govern B cell responses to specific features of foreign antigens, including antigen affinity, valency and co-stimulatory signals. We are also interested in how the clonal composition of both the pre- and post-immune B cell repertoires is regulated.