Drs. Claire Clelland and Minnie Sarwal are both 2023 Catalyst Awardees! ​

Congrats to Drs. Claire Clelland (Neurology) and Minnie Sarwal (Surgery)---- 2023 Catalyst Awardees

Claire Clelland, MD, PhD - CRISPR Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disease: Target Gene Correction for ALS  

Minnie Sarwal, MD, PhD and Swas Sur, PhD - Novel Renoprotective Drug Target Discovery in an Established Renal Tubular Injury Model

"The Catalyst Program is UCSF’s translational accelerator focused on advancing UCSF discoveries with clinical impact and commercial potential. The Catalyst Program aims to foster academic and industry collaborations as well as enhance education in early translational research and entrepreneurship.  The centerpiece of the Catalyst Program is the Catalyst Awards, our program that provides both industry advisor mentorship and seed funding to UCSF Principal Investigators with promising projects. The Catalyst Awards are focused on the development of therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, digital health, and bio-tools."