Congratulations on new NIH research grants in 2021!

read more about these new innovative projects by UCSF women physician-scientist PIs/Project Leaders in so many different research areas!

Fanny Elahi, MD PhD 
A Precision Medicine Approach To Study Targetable Pathways in Vascular Dementia

Jessica Briggs, MD
Improving the accuracy of malaria surveillance with serology and parasite genetic data

Matilda Chan, MD (multi-PI)
Analysis of chemical modulators for corneal endothelial dystrophies

Carolyn Sangokoya, MD PhD
Post-transcriptional Regulation of Cell Fate in Early Mammalian Development

Sara LaHue, MD
Biological signatures of neurodegeneration and aging associated with delirium in older adults following hip fracture surgery

Lea Grinberg MD PhD (multi-PI)
Imaging brain iron and protein aggregation with MRI for assessing Alzheimer's disease pathology and progression

Thuy Doan, MD PhD
Seasonal Conjunctivitis Outbreak Reporting for Prevention and Improved Outcomes (SCORPIO)

Yvonne Ou, MD (multi-PI)
Overcoming Barriers to retinal ganglion cell replacement in experimental glaucoma

Joanne Engel, MD PhD (multi-PI)
Sensing living P. aeruginosa using D-alanine derived radiotracers

Julie Zikherman, MD PhD (multi-PI)
Mechanisms of B cell responses to particulate antigens

Aimee Kao, MD PhD (multi-PI)
Tau Metabolism in FTD: From Gene Mutations to Molecular Chaperones and Lysosomal Proteases

Katrina Abuabara, MD
Atopic dermatitis in childhood and risk of early cardiovascular disease

Melanie Ott, MD PhD (multi-PI)
HOPE - HIV Obstruction by Programmed Epigenetics